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Aerial Targets

Aerial Target Systems

Anadrone Systems Private Limited working in conjunction with QinetiQ Target Systems Ltd., UK is in a unique position of being a one-stop for the supply of aerial targets to meet all Indian requirements. Many of the systems offered are already being manufactured or assembled in india under the Make II initiative.

Target systems available for outright purchase and operation by a user or for lease under a target service contract which provides a turn key operating solution range from a simple model aircraft target (MAT) through propeller driven basic pilotless target aircraft (BPTA) and manoeuvrable and expendable aerial target systems (EAT and MEAT) to higher performance systems including a high speed low flying target (HSLFT) and a supersonic target (GA-LST).

All of the offered systems are able to carry and support a range of proven, weapon specific augmentation devices.

Aerial Target Systems